Building Forts out of Fiction

…and towers out of words.

As I mentioned in my last post, I took the liberty of re-organising my bookshelves during my spring clean last week. A necessary task, yes, but also one that I always take great joy in. I love shelving. Out of interest, I pulled out all of the books that I haven’t read yet – whether they were purchases, presents, proofs obtained from the workplace, or classics nabbed from my Dad’s collection – to work out quite how many there were. This was the result.

my to-read pile

Oh my. Clearly I’m really not allowed to buy any more books for the time being. Whether this will stop me, I’m not entirely sure. Working where I do, I get to spend time lots of time in a well-stocked bookshop so I’m constantly surrounded by temptation. The penultimate book in Michael Grant’s ‘Gone’ dystopia is out in a week (a necessary purchase), plus I’ll most likely be bookselling at the North East Book Awards in May (an important date in my calendar over the last few years) so I need to read the shortlisted books for that.

As ever, I’ve set myself the challenge of reading a novel per week over the year (a sensible amount when work, gigs, saxaphone practice, etc. are considered), but it would be nice to do a little more than that. At this point I’m up to 16 for the year, which I’m quite happy about. Plus I’m 670/890 pages through Middlemarch – that could almost be considered as 3 books! Last year I managed 53, the year before 49. Here’s hoping!



4 thoughts on “Building Forts out of Fiction

  1. The amount of books you read is impressive. Admirable, even.

    It also might prove useful for me. Tell you what – have you read any downright horrendous books, other than Twilight, that you would like me to eviscerate on my blog, If you think of one, I’m always open to suggestions.

  2. Mine would look just like yours. I have a whole basket next to my bed so that when I finish one, hopefully I’ll pick up another one from the basket rather than go out and buy more books. Clearly, I need to ban myself from bookstores, but I just can’t. I’m such a book hoarder. BAH. Hope you get through your list, and make it a mini-marathon.

    • That’s a genius idea, anything that involves the least effort possible is always ideal. My to-read pile is now in direct line of sigh so hopefully that will help.

      Book hoarding is the best. Thanks 🙂

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