2013; a new beginning

I began 2012 with the intention of maintaining the blog and clearly didn’t make the best job of it. I’m starting 2013 in a similar vein, though with slightly different circumstances and a changed outlook that I hope will result in a more regular output of content. In that vein, I debated deleting past entries and starting afresh. However, I’ve decided against that, thus a continuation, and addressing points discussed in my last entry.

2012 Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Medals (CKG)

I didn’t quite get it right with the CKG shortlists:

3/8 for the Carnegie

2/8 for the Greenaway

I was genuinely shocked that Mal Peet’s ‘Life: An Exploded Diagram’ didn’t make the cut’ it was one of the best books I read during the nomination period (in my opinion, stronger than a number of the final contenders), and as a previous winner (2005’s Tamar), what I thought to be a likely candidate. I was also disappointed to see Katie Cleminson overlooked again. I see a lot of picturebooks in my job at www.sevenstories.org.uk and her books are both beautifully illustrated and written in such a way that makes for a great storytime.

Where I didn’t do too badly was in predicting the winner(s), even if only internally. Being the huge fan that I am, I saw no other contender than Patrick Ness’ ‘A Monster Calls’ for the Carnegie Medal; I read a typescript of it that I was lucky enough to receive at work a month or so before it came out (thank you Walker Books) and likened the feeling of finishing it to being hit by a steamroller. It was genuinely gutting. Note to readers, never listen to Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Landslide’ while reading powerful, lyrically-written books about love and loss and the bravery that requires.

I thought that Rob Ryan or Dave McKean would be the most likely winners of the Greenaway, so to find that Jim ‘breadboards’ Kay (watch his making-of videos here) and Patrick Ness had won that too was amazing. Patrick is one of very few authors to have won the Carnegie Medal twice, and ‘A Monster Calls’ the first book to win both medals. And deservedly so. His (now traditionally?) politically influenced speech can be seen here.

With 2012 being a year of no Ness releases, the floor is open to the rest, and I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what March’s shortlist announcement brings. More on that and Patrick Ness’ 2013 books another time!



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