Book reviews and blank page syndrome

This Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a couple of lovely notebooks from my nearest and dearest.


L-R: from Sydney’s Museum of Modern Art (thanks to my wonderful friend Athena), The Little Prince moleskine, (thanks to my awesome sister Jen).

I’m quite particular about my stationary. Especially where a nice looking notebook is concerned; I like to fill them in a manner befitting their covers.

This year I have decided to combat my ‘blank computer screen’ writers block and use the notebooks for my book reviews. As part of my job, I’m lucky enough to receive e-proofs (advanced copies of books) from netgalley, a website aimed at professional readers, who review soon to be published books and feed back.

So I thought I might share those on here too. A couple of (too many) years ago during my degree I was a quite prolific reviewer, it would be good to return to that. I live in hope!


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