Letters to You, A Ziggy Shortcrust Adventure

My lovely friend Cathy, fellow key-jangler at the museum has undertaken the challenge of writing an illustrated letter a day (!) which she’s been documenting on her blog. I signed up, and on one of those awfully cold days endured during the last snowy snap, my day was brightened with the arrival of a Ziggy Special.


As you can see, the envelope is illustrated with pirate, skull and crossbones. In the workplace we do a LOT of dressing up, and my go-to costume of choice is always a pirate; in fact I have something of a piratical workplace alter-ego, ‘Cap’n Corky,’ and received many of last year’s birthday cards addressed as such. At the age of 27. Ahem.


Cathy/Ziggy spends much of her time documenting urban elves, which you can find over at Ziggy Shortcrust.For my birthday I received a pirate elf picture (what else?), and in keeping with that, the main illustration on my letter is an elf, as you can see above. This elf seemingly works alongside us at the museum, complete with apron, badge-filled lanyard, ‘ask me about’ label, and crown, made in the workplace’s very own ‘Creation Station’. Genius!


Here is Cathy’s letter, just before I popped out to post it. Unlike her, I’m not skilled with drawing pen in hand, so instead of illustrating, I’ve made a little something else to go with it. Which I can hopefully share with you once she’s received my letter.

I really enjoy writing letters, and am so glad that Ziggy doing this challenge prompted me to get my pens out. If you’d like to receive an illustrated letter, there’s a link on her page, get signed up!


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