Book Review: Hannah Harrington – Speechless

On reading ‘Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour’, I decided that Morgan Matson was my new Sarah Dessen (see appropriately previous post). And then I read Harrington’s ‘Saving June’ (review to come), which absolutely blew my socks off, and made me re-evaluate and widen that original proclamation somewhat. There appears to be a growing group of writers in that mould that I’m now stumbling across, and all the better for it. So it was a quite exciting time, when Harrington’s new book ‘Speechless’ was made available on NetGalley.

In this story, our protagonist is the immediately unlikable Chelsea Knot, a gossipy character, who, to protect her social standing, is superficial, bitchy, and prone to share others’ secrets. But, when she sees something she shouldn’t, and her resultant gossiping lands a schoolmate in hospital, Chelsea finally realises that actions have consequences, and takes out a vow of silence.

I really liked this book. While Chelsea’s determination to stick to her vow sometimes hindered the plot, it was an interesting choice to make. I found her journey quite believable;  though she moves from gossipy party-goer, she still maintains aspects of her ‘old’ life to shine through, while becoming a more studious and considered, well-rounded character. The friendships in the book were well written, and probably the highlight of the book; the ensemble scenes had warmth reminiscent of David Levithan, which is always a good thing!

Definitely worth checking out.

Many thanks to Harlequin (UK) and for the advance copy.



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