Bank Holiday Bike Rides

While 2013 hasn’t been a classic year for weather in the UK, May has by and large been a pleasant month, with the two bank holiday weekends in particular being quite warm. I was lucky enough to not be working on each of these occasions, and took the opportunity to get out on my bike and do some photography. As well as being a green mode of transport and a good way to keep active, one of the highlights of cycling (for me at least) is the opportunity to get to places that are too far to walk to, but inaccessible by car.

Since I began cycling properly again last year, I’ve rediscovered some places I forgot about, found places I didn’t know existed, and discovered a new appreciation for my little slice of the North East.

06/05/13: Preston Park, Ingleby Barwick and Thornaby



As Ingleby Barwick and the surrounding area has been developed, lots of work has gone in to the infrastructure around it and the surrounding area. Heading out of the grounds of the always brilliant Preston Park, it was incredibly pleasing to see dedicated cycle routes and walkways encouraging exploration of the area. And also to see people using them.




My first visit to the marshes in the area.




I’m a fan of signage.




…and also of industrial structures such as power lines.

25/05/13: Tees 8 Bridges Way

If there’s one thing Teesside does well, it’s bridges; so much so that the main cycle/walkway between Stockton and Middlesbrough is known as 8 Bridges Way. I’ve yet to incorporate them all into one trip, however a round trip of almost 12 miles that takes in the Tees Barrage, Newport Bridge and Teesquay Millenium Bridge is one of my more regular routes.



Newport Bridge




Growing up in an area where heavy industry sits so close to nature has clearly influenced my aesthetic leanings; my eye can’t help but be drawn to structures like this and the shapes and textures within them. As the spring (hopefully) turns into summer, I fully intend to continue my bike-based exploration of the area and practice my photography while I’m at it.


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