Book Review: Eren by Simon P. Clark

Happy Books are My Bag day!

Quite appropriately, I’m at work today, where, as well as handing out those wonderful bags, we have storytellers from the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre performing mid-afternoon.

Also, quite appropriately, today is my day to take part in the blog tour for Simon P. Clark’s debut novel Eren. I received a digital proof from Constable and Robinson via NetGalley in exchange for this review.

When Oli and his mum go to stay with his uncle in the country for the summer, Oli is angry at the secrets being kept from him. Why are they there? And why is his father not with them?

But Oli soon has his own secret to keep. In the attic of his uncle’s house he discovers Eren – a monstrous, bird-like creature; an ageless, dreamlike being fuelled by the power of stories.

While at first, Eren intrigues Oli with his telling of dark fairy tales, soon he demands that Oli tell him stories of his own, no matter what the cost.

Reminiscent at times of David Almond’s Skellig and Graham Joyce’s The Tooth Fairy, this is a modern fable about the power that stories can hold over us, and the ambiguous nature of truth (or truths). Simon P. Clark has created an excellent debut that builds and wraps tension until the very last page.

For more information about Simon P. Clark, visit his blog, which can be found here

Simon has also written a number of short tales to accompany Eren, which include photographs by Brandon Rechten, found here

Follow the rest of the blog tour:



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